Frequently Ask Questions

What is a security guard license?

An Authentication /Authorization by the government of Ontario to work as a security guard and it require by the law to get a license first before applying a security guard job

How do I become a security guard?

To become a security guard in Ontario,  you need to take a mandatory 40-hour training course through an authorized Security Guard Company. When you’ve finished the preparation program, you’ll have the option to enlist for the Ontario Security Guard License Exam utilizing the Training Completion Number given to you by the organization that circulated your instructional course. For the security guard test passing masks is 62 %. if you pass you can apply for a security guard license and if you fail you can take the test again as many times as you want but you have to pay the full fee for each attempt.

Can I renew my security license after it expires ?

For license renew you must have to submit license before license expires,  else you should apply as though it were another license and you have to pay new licence fee which is higher than license renewal fee.

What do your security guards wear on the job?

Our guards are sharp and well suited in their security west and uniform.

Is Tactical Guard Force hiring?

Yes! Tactical Guard Force always looking for potential and experience security guard. For more information visit the Careers page.

Why do security guards wear uniforms?

Because it makes them easily recognizable,  Having a formally dressed Security person on the lookout imparts a reasonable sign to any expected lawbreakers.

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