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Ontario’s leading Security Services provider. Tactical is determined to provide exceptional quality services to its clients and to achieve this goal, compulsory training sessions have been set which require each guard to go through after recruitment. It includes In-class and On-site training. We are specialized in providing highly advanced and cost-effective security solutions to Condominiums, Office Towers, Truck Yards, Warehouses, Car dealerships, Parking Lots, and Construction Sites. Tactical is a licensed Security Agency with the Ministry of Community Safety

Property managers see what their own security squad looks like when they use security guard firms. But sometimes what they receive does not match their image. What we have discovered is that majority of security guard businesses can deliver the services. Management companies also appreciate the efforts. Sometimes companies cannot provide services due to a lack of established quality control methods. In Canada, many security guard services in Toronto and Brampton are the best.

Security guard providers vs Normal providers:

Security guard providers are not like the normal providers, that property management uses. If you hire a decorator, you may examine the buildings to see whether they are performing as expected. Yet, how frequently can you tell whether a security guard services in Toronto is performing their job? It involves background checks and drug testing, giving your guards appropriate training. It must include efficient tracking of your bodyguards. They should keep an eye on several conditions to avoid problems while guards are working. Even from starting to surface, a framework of licensing and quality management is essential.

The five (5) simple steps we’ll cover in this article. It will help you provide better security guard services. It will inspire you to imagine your ideal security guard squad.

1- Assess the skills of your guards:

Before beginning their careers as security guards, bodyguards must complete a specified level of training in several states. If your case falls under one of these categories, confirm that your security guard provider qualifies. Investigate the training offered by your security business. Then see if it appears acceptable if there are no state requirements for guard licensing in your case.

Guards background check

Are all your bodyguards being background checked and drug tested by your security guard firm? Even before they assign you to a client’s property, too? They must provide you with proof if they are. How come, if not?

Having a brief “interview” and outlining your expectations may be a fantastic approach. It helps to get an idea of the person while screening potential guards for your property. If you ask another guard, you should have the chance to do so because this initial chat may teach you a lot about what to anticipate from this guard. Security guard services in Brampton are working great to make their customers satisfied.

2- Examine guard education:

The majority of firms have a great potential to familiarize each person with the business. Sometimes, a security guard may not be familiar with the property assigned to them.
On your website, find out how security guard training has provided:

Does it occur on your land?

● Who provides the instruction?

● How long should training each new officer take?

How much time does a security firm double bank? (Double banking is the act of working with a skilled guard who presents as a freshman guard.) How well do your post orders explain themselves?
Make sure the responses to each one fit you before you decide. You should think about your security guard company’s strategy and training. Strategy making and training should be done on your site. It helps to grasp what it takes to prepare a guard to operate on your property.

3-Examine the guard supervision:

In Canada, there are many key factors in choosing a reputable security guard service. Security guard services in Brampton are mainly focused on guard supervision. Poor security company control places minimal attention on eliminating errors, issues, and complaints. Additionally, because of poor supervision, the guard is unable to become familiar with and recognize his duties. In the absence of security personnel, the guards begin to feel that their work is not important and that they are just another part of the security team. Moreover, defenders often engage in undesirable behavior, including dishonesty, abuse, and even stealing. Even when they don’t feel like a member of the team, they still feel the same.

Telemonitoring techniques:

Based on the company might not be covered depending on the format of your contract. How will your security guard firm track your bodyguards if your contract does not call for site monitoring? The two telemonitoring techniques have been most effective uptill now. Aside from the field supervisor spot check used by the general security firm, are:

1- Officer Tour Navigation System

2- Officer Registration

It is an important method to locate your bodyguards while they are on duty. While patrolling your property, you can keep an eye on them. Officers’ Tour Tracking Devices give you the means to keep an eye on guards while they are under your control. Secondly, by using these monitoring devices, the security guard firm can always keep track of the guards’ whereabouts. The majority of officer tour detection systems are able to produce data that enables the security guard firm. These systems help to determine whether the guard has been moving. The property management should also give you a shortened version of these reports.

4-Examine your guards:

A fantastic approach to knowing what is happening with your security while you are not present is to have your bodyguards check in after hours. Address your security guards’ queries about their obligations and tasks. During these inspections make sure they are aware of them. We recommended that as part of your continuing security program. A professional security consultant checks your security guards on a regular basis and unlawfully.

5-Regularly visit the security guard firm:

Indeed, visiting your security firm is the easiest and fifth step. Property managers miss out on the possibility to gain more ineligibility. even when they don’t provide feedback to their security guard provider. During these sessions, for issues such as client feedback, security guard availability, the input of any tracking system, and security practices, the company provides insurance.


Overall, for property managers, achieving the desired level of security requires taking essential steps. To ensure that everyone is aware of the important characteristics, it is a must to follow such steps. There are many factors that we should take into account, but we have listed five here.

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