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How to become a security guard at Ontario(Security guard jobs)

How to become a security guard

For the post of a security guard in Ontario, there is a complete procedure that a person has to comply with. This procedure is a detailed and comprehensive formula. Consequently, it helps security guard agencies and security guard companies to hire people with the most appropriate mental and physical fitness. What we have learned about this procedure is as following:


The surety that a person meets all the requirements for an Ontario security license:

 A security guard license consents you to work in employment where you principally safeguard persons or possessions.  Hence a legalized license card is mandatory to labor as a security guard. On the contrary, working deprived of a valid license is an abuse of the Ontario Private Security Investigation Services Act.

Who can get a security license?

A person who is of 18 years of age or older, permitted to work in Canada, must possess a good and clean criminal record, able to pass the security Guard test, and understand and comply with all the demands and requirements of the Ontario Security Guard Code of Conduct.


Training, first aid, and CPR Certification

Requirements to take Ontario security training

Beforehand you can take security guard training in Ontario, there are numerous types of documentation that you’ll need. The subsequent documents are compulsory to apply for your license.

Proof of Eligibility to Work in Canada

Above all, you’ll need papers that show you can work in Canada. This can be great evidence of Canadian nationality, such as birth documentation or passport. However, if you have moved to Canada from another part of the world, a valid work certificate or Permanent Resident status.

Photo Identification

A person needs a piece of government-issued photo ID that shows his/her full legal name, date of birth, and signature.

Guarantor Information Form

After this, a person needs to complete the underwriter evidence form. A guarantor is someone who can confirm the information in your application for a criminal record check. Anybody can be a guarantor who has known the person personally for at least two years. It may be a family member.


When a person completes the basic training course, subsequently he or she will receive a completion number from the training provider. This number is mandatory when you mark the test to accept your license.

The results are normally available within two days of taking the test. Once a person passes it, he will be eligible to apply for your security guard license.

If he doesn’t pass the test, he can repeat it as many times as needed until he passes. A person has to pay the fee every time in each attempt.


Register to and pass the security guard test

After the training, the security guard test will be given and should be passed by the person.

When a person passed the test and receive his license, he will be a fully-qualified security guard in the province of Ontario. Most importantly security guard training which should be of 40 hours should be done along with the certification of first aid. Similarly, CPR certification is also mandatory for the appointment of a security guard through different security companies and agencies.

Similarly, CPR certification is also mandatory for the appointment of a security guard through different security companies and agencies.

There are a few things to keep in mind during this process, however.

A person is not qualified to ample the duties of a security guard until you possess his license in hand.

Passing the test means a person is entitled to apply for it, but once he applied he will need to wait until his license actually received by him before he started working as a security guard. Anyone can ask for the license during working hours.

All in all, It is also an important thing and should be kept in mind that all the security companies, agencies, home monitoring, and commercial Security agencies always hire those security guards who possess licenses and CPR along with the knowledge of first aid.

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